Renos K. Papadopoulos

Renos K. Papadopoulos, Ph.D. is Professor of Analytical Psychology and Director of the ‘Centre for Trauma, Asylum and Refugees’, also, a member of the ‘Human Rights Centre’, of the ‘Transitional Justice Network’ and of the ‘Armed Conflict and Crisis Hub’ all at the University of Essex, as well as Honorary Clinical Psychologist and Systemic Family Psychotherapist at the Tavistock Clinic. He is a practising Clinical Psychologist, Family Therapist and Jungian Psychoanalyst who spent most of his professional life training and supervising these three specialists. His graduate Dissertation (in 1970) was a comparative study on the key ‘curative elements in Behaviour Therapy and Psychoanalysis’.  As consultant to the United Nations and other organizations, he has been working with refugees, tortured persons and other survivors of political violence and disasters in many countries. He lectures and offers specialist trainings internationally and his writings have appeared in fifteen languages. Recently, he has been given Awards by the European Family Therapy Association for Life-time ‘Outstanding contribution to the field of Family Therapy and Systemic Practice’, by the University of Essex for the best ‘International Research Impact’, and by two Mexican Foundations (‘Juconi’ and ‘Mary Street Jenkins’) for his ‘exceptional work with vulnerable children and families in Mexico’.