The list of in-congress workshops is as follows:

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy: How Can we Subtly Introduce the Model from the First Session?

Leader: Ghanem Amara (Tunisia)


Positive CBT. The Treatment Protocols

Leader: Fredricke Bannink (The Netherlands)


Paradoxical Agenda Setting in Team CBT

Leader: Yehuda Bar Shalom (Israel)


Coming-out and Accepting, a Process! Promoting Family Acceptance as a Protective Factor for Overcoming the Challenges of Transgender and Gender Diverse Youth and Young Adults

Leader: Christel Bouwens (Belgium)


Compassion and Metacognition in Treating Schizotypal Personality Disorder

Leader: Simone Cheli (Italy)
Maximum attendance: 50 persons


CBT with Chronic Pain Patients, at the Heart of Existential Questions

Leader: Christine Favre (Switzerland)
Maximum attendance: 40 persons


Dealing with Disgust – Ideas for a Broader Therapeutic Approach

Leader: Jakob Fink-Lamotte, Christian Stierle (Germany)
Maximum attendance: 60 persons


Compassion Focused Therapy for Self-criticism

Leader: Paul Gilbert (UK)


Use of Metaphors in Delivering Psychoeducation to Children and Young People

Leader: Vahdet Gormez (Turkey)


CBT-TIME: A New Transdiagnostic Treatment Protocol

Leader: Ohad Hershkovitz (Israel)


Dialectical Behavior Therapy for Binge Eating Disorder

Leaders: Maria Karapatsia, Fragiskos Gonidakis (Greece)


Acceptance and Commitment Therapy for Mental and Physical Health Conditions

Leader: Maria Karekla (Cyprus), Andrew Gloster (UK)


Live Supervision in CBT

Leader: Ulrike Maass (Germany)


Seeing the World Through a Different Lens: Recovery-Oriented Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Psychosis

Leaders: Dimitri Perivoliotis, Yuliana Gallegos Rodríguez (USA)


Management of Countertransference with Imagery and Role Playing

Leaders: Jan Prasko, Marie Ociskova (Czech Republic)
Maximum attendance: 35 persons
Participants interested to join the workshop should download in advance the handout.


Rethinking Adult ADHD: CBT and Helping Clients Turn Intentions Into Actions

Leader: Russel Ramsay (USA)


ACT for Adolescents: A Powerful Tool for Change

Leader: Maria do Ceu Salvador (Portugal)


MINDLAB SET – Integrating Applied Neuroscience and Biofeedback Into CBT

Leader: Tullio Scrimali (Italy)
Maximum attendance: 50 persons


Cultural Adaptation of CBT for South Asian Clients

Leaders: Mallika Sharma (UK)
Maximum attendance: 70 persons


The Transdiagnostic Applicability of Cognitive Interpersonal Maintenance Model of Anorexia Nervosa to the Greek Context

Leaders: Maria Tsiaka (Greece), Janet Treasure (UK)
Maximum attendance: 70 persons


How to Become a Tic Therapist – Behaviour Therapy for Tics and Tourette Syndrome

Leaders: Cara Verdellen, Jolande van de Griendt (The Netherlands)


Fine-Tuning Imagery Rescripting

Leader: Remco van der Wijngaart (The Netherlands)
Maximum attendance: 50 persons