Skills Classes

The list of skills classes is as follows:

CΒΤWebHelper: A Versatile Web-Tool for Monitoring Patient’s Progress, Facilitating Data Collection for Research Formulation, and Improving Practitioner’s Efficacy

Leaders: Michael Batakis, Meropi Simou (Greece)


Handy CBT Procedures for Pediatric Patients and their Families During Uncertain Times: Express Coping Skills for the Pandemic and Beyond

Leader: Robert D. Friedberg (USA)


CBT and DBT for Inpatients Suffering from Anorexia Nervosa

Leaders: Fragiskos Gonidakis, Ioannis Michopoulos (Greece)


Group Psychoeducational Intervention: Romantic Relationship Skills Training

Leaders: Elli Kouvaraki, Myrto Lemonoudi (Greece)
Maximum attendance: 25 persons


The Neglected Relationship: Sibling-Based Themes in Therapy and their Impact on Mental Health

Leader: Avidan Milevsky (Israel)


Using Virtual Reality in Clinical Research and Practice

Leader: Marius Rubo (Switzerland)
Maximum attendance: 30 persons


Cognitive and Behavioral Therapy for Bipolar Disorders: A Neuroscience-Based Approach

Leader: Tullio Scrimali (Italy)
Maximum attendance: 50 persons


Experiencing Compassion Focused Therapy from the Inside Out: Cultivating Self-compassion for us Therapists

Leader: Elli Tholouli (Greece)
Maximum attendance: 40 persons