The list of e-posters is as follows

Assessment of Impact of CBT-Based Approaches in Tbilisi Crisis Intervention Service Among Patients with Psychiatric Conditions

Keteven Abdushelishvili (Georgia)

A New Short Version of the Cognitive Therapy Scale Revised for Assessing Cognitive Behavior Therapy Competency

Sven Alfonsson (Sweden)

Comparison Between Women Personality with Fibromyalgia and Mood Disorder Diagnosis

Núria Anglès (Spain)

Do Obsessions and Intrusions Appear in Different Contexts?

Sandra Arnaez (Spain)

Do Autogenous and Reactive Obsessions Differ in their Context of Appearance?

Sandra Arnaez (Spain)

Differences Between Responder Versus Non Responder Patients to Group CBT for OCD in Common Factors (Alliance) Associated to Therapeutic Change

Sandra Arnaez (Spain)

EsTOCma: An App to Fight Against Stigma Associated with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

Sandra Arnaez (Spain)

“You won’t Manage on your own” – The Influence of Negative Expectations on Observed Parenting Behavior in Mothers of Anxious Children

Julia Asbrand (Germany)

Development of a Group Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia Program by Occupational Therapists in a Psychiatric Short-term Setting in Japan

Naoko Ayabe (Japan)

Computerized CBT for Excessive Anger in Prisoners – First Results

Branka Bagaric (Croatia)

Use of Social Media and Social Anxiety in Emerging Adults

Sonja Biglbauer (Croatia)

The Role of Momentary Use of Emotion Regulation Strategies on Affect: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Studies Using Daily Diary and Experience Sampling Methods (ESM)

Teresa Boemo (Spain)

Effectiveness of Group Cognitive Behavioural Treatment (G-CBT) in the Treatment of Perfectionism in Patients with Compulsive Obsessive Personality Disorder (OCPD)

Angela Cabestany Morato (Spain)

A Regression Analysis of Protective Factors Associated with PTSD, CPTSD and Posttraumatic Growth (PTG) in a Sample of Individuals with Experiences of Psychosis

Carolina Campodonico (UK)

The Evolution of Borderline Features in Adolescents in 6 Months: Mediator Effect of Self-Compassion and Self-Disgust

Diogo Carreiras (Portugal)

Preliminary Results of the Clinical Interview for Borderline Personality Disorder for Adolescents (CI-BOR)

Diogo Carreiras (Portugal)

Cognitive, Behavioural and Familial Maintenance Mechanisms in Childhood Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD): A Systematic Review

Chloe Chessell (UK)

Developing a Universal School-Based Psychoeducational Intervention to Support Psychological Well-Being Amongst Adolescents in The Western Cape, South Africa

Bronwyne Coetzee (South Africa)

Relevant Psychological Factors in Weight Management

Loana Comșa (Romania)

Descriptive Analysis and One Year Follow-up of Referral Patients to Early Intervention Program for Psychosis in a Child and Youth Mental Health Service

Ana Costas Carrera (Spain)

Treating Perinatal Trauma Following Childbirth with Virtual Reality : French AccouZen Project

Anne Denis (France)

The Effects of 12 Months of Training in Behavioral Therapy on the Attitudes of Students Towards Exposure

Iosif Drakos (Greece)

Benzodiazepines Use and Transdiagnostic Cognitive-Behaviour Therapy for Anxiety Disorders: A Mixed Methods Study

Camilla Durand (Canada)

Sleep Quality and Exposure Therapy Outcomes for Social Anxiety Disorder

Christina Dutcher (USA)

Maladaptive Emotion Regulation and Disordered Eating Behavior in Youth: Findings from a Pilot Diary Study

Christine Dworschak (Germany)

Adapting Group Therapeutic Techniques in Personalized Psychotherapy in Psychosis: A Case Study with Social Skills Training

Dimitris Efthymiou (Greece)

Combination of Antipsychotic Treatment and Psychotherapeutic Intervention with the Use of Cognitive Treatment of Schizophrenia in a 1st Psychotic Episode During Hospitalization

Dimitris Efthymiou (Greece)

Sad Reflections of Happy Times: Emotional Responses to Positive Autobiographical Memories in Acutely Depressed, Remitted Depressed, and Never-Depressed Individuals

Aleksandra Eriksen Isham (UK)

Connections Between Emotional Dependency and Interventions in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for adults: Outcomes of Group therapy

Ásthildur E. Erlingsdóttir (Iceland)

Psychotherapist Needs in Clinical Supervision – A Psychometric Evaluation Of The Proctor Model

Simon Fagernäs (Sweden)

What Differentiates Batterer Men with and without Histories of Childhood Family Violence?

Javier Fernandez-Montalvo (Spain)

Cognitive Therapy for Mental Contamination and Scrupulosity in Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Martha Giraldo O’Meara (Canada)

Perinatal Psychopathology and COVID-19 in France: Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Following Childbirth, Posttraumatic Growth and Interpersonal Emotion Regulation

Victoire Gonzalez-Garcia (France)

Fears in Autism and its Relationship with Clinical Variables

Júlia Grau Prim (Spain)

Transdiagnostic Group Intervention for Emotional Disorders in Primary Care

Júlia Grau Prim (Spain)

Comparative Effectiveness of In-Person and Electronic Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Primary and Secondary Insomnia: A Systematic Review

Ioanna Grigoraki (Greece)

Characteristics of behaviors for relieving anxiety and worry about cancer the relationship between psychological adjustment

Kotone Hata (Japan)

Development and Preliminary Psychometric Properties of the Rumination on Obsessions and Compulsions Scale (ROCS)

Carlotta V. Heinzel (Switzerland)

Secondary Trauma Stress, Vicarious Trauma and Resilience Among Interpreters and Aid Workers of Humanitarian Organisations: A Mediation Study

Marketa Hanakova (Greece)

What Is the Prevalence of Complex PTSD Among Patients Included in Treatment for PTSD in a Psychotherapeutic Outpatient Clinic?

Mads Christian Jensen (Denmark)

Effectiveness of a Structured CBT Psychoeducational Arts-Based Group Intervention for Persons with Non-Malignant Chronic Pain

Asimina Kalmanti (Greece)

Paruresis (Shy Bladder Syndrome): Theoretical Background and CBT Treatment in 5 Patients

Leto Kalogeraki (Greece)

Parent-Child Interaction Patterns in Families who Have Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder or Typical Development in the Course of Parent-Child Interaction Therapy

Nanako Kanehira (Japan)

Therapist-Mother Interaction Patterns in Families who Have Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder or Typical Development in the Course of Parent-Child Interaction Therapy

Yumi Kaneyama (Japan)

Effects of Mental Health Literacy on Burnout in Japanese Elementary School Teachers

Shinaru Kato (Japan)

The Experience of Exam-Related Unwanted Intrusive Thoughts and Associated Neutralizing Behaviors in Students: An Ecological Momentary Assessment Study

Martin Kollárik (Switzerland)

Effects of Group Behavioral Activation Intervention on Functional Change of Behavioral Inhibition / Activation for Children

Shunsuke Koseki (Japan)

Cognitive Behavioral Therapeutic Approach to Genito-Pelvic Pain/Penetration Disorder. Clinical Characteristics and Treatment Outcome

Evangelia Koumantanou (Greece)

Bridging Research and Practice Implementing FIT, CBT and Recovery

Thea Lauritsen (Norway)

Cool Kids Group-CBT in a Spanish Sample of Children and Adolescents with Anxiety Disorders

Sara Lera-Miguel (Spain)

Exploring the Temporal Associations Between Avoidance Behavior and Cognitions During the Course of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Social Anxiety Disorder

Linn Vathne Lervik (Norway)

Adapting CBT for Depression: How Has this Been Done for Young People who Have Chronic Illness?

Maria Loades (UK)

Personality Traits and Obesity

Francisco López-García (Spain)

Profile of Mothers who Seek Treatment for Substance Use Disorder in a Clinical Centre

José J. López-Goñi (Spain)

An Investigation of the Relationship Between Habitual Use of Mental Imagery and Worry-Related Variables in Generalized Anxiety Disorder

Bailee Malivoire (Canada)

Department of Children and Adolescents’ Therapy, Institute of Behaviour Research and Therapy in Athens: Ten Years of Providing CBT Services in Children and Families

Anastasios Manousakis (Greece)

An Examination of the Relationship Between Childhood Peer Victimization and Disordered Eating in Emerging Adulthood: A Mixed Method Approach

Maria Markou (Cyprus)

Metacognition Issues in Time of Crisis

Sylvia Martin (France)

Psychological Care in Time of Global Crisis : A Comparison Between General Population and Outpatients’ Reactions

Sylvia Martin (France)

Compassion, Social Connectedness and Trauma Resilience During the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Multi-National Study

Marcela Matos (Portugal)

A Psychological Model of Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD) in Female College Students: A Longitudinal Study

Uruha Nakano (Japan)

Adolescent Facial Emotion Recognition: The Role of Social Anxiety and Depression Over Time

Rachel Nesbit (UK)

Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Cognitive Remediation Therapy in Outpatients Diagnosed with Anorexia Nervosa in Japan

Noriko Numata (Japan)

A Psychological Model of Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD) in Female College Athletes: A Longitudinal Study

Aori Oomae (Japan)

The Association Between the Mental Contamination and Disgust Propensity in OCD and its Role in Treatment: A Review of the Literature

Dimitra Anna Owens (Greece)

Delayed Ejaculation: Psychosexual Approach of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and its Clinical Implementation

Iliana Pavlopoulou (Greece)

A Mindfulness-Based Group Intervention for Patients with Chronic Pain

Laia Pijuan (Spain)

Psychological Flexibility and Test Anxiety: The Mediating Role of External Shame and Self-Criticism

Cláudia Pires (Portugal)

Odysseus’s Homesickness – A Bilingual Psychotherapeutic Model for Immigrants

Maria Provatidou (Germany)

Preliminary Results of Ongoing Study about Relation Between Addiction Severity, Psychological Flexibility and Self Criticism

Denizhan Ramakan (Turkey)

Transdiagnostic Internet CBT For Mixed Anxiety and Depressive Disorders: Preliminary Results from a Feasibility Study

Pasquale Roberge (Canada)

Intensive CBT Treatment of Panic Disorder with Agoraphobia

Enrico Rolla (Italy)

Being Empathic: Behavioral and Physiological Correlates of Recognizing and Sharing Other’s Emotions

Mandy Rossignol (Belgium)

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy for an Adolescent Girl with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Maki Sadahisa (Japan)

Depressive and Anxious Symptoms and Outcome in Group Intervention in Obsesive-Compulsive Personality Disorder

Marta Sánchez-Jiménez (Spain)

An Open Trial of the Interned-Delivered Unified Protocol for Transdiagnostic Treatment of Emotional Disorders in Adolescents (iUP-A): Effects on Disorder-Specific Outcome Measures

Bonifacio Sandín (Spain)

Interned-Delivered Unified Protocol for Transdiagnostic Treatment of Emotional Disorders in Adolescents (iUP-A): Effects on Negative Affectivity and Reactivity to Emotional Experience

Bonifacio Sandín (Spain)

Assessing and Analyzing Functional Analysis with Ambulatory Assessment and Network Analysis: A Pilot Study

Saskia Scholten (Germany)

Traumatic Experience of Homophobic Bullying: The Role of Self-Compassion in Shame and Depression in Sexual Minorities

Daniel Seabra (Portugal)

The Mediating Role of Self-Compassion in the Relationship Between Traumatic Experiences of Homophobic Bullying and Social Anxiety in Sexual Minorities

Daniel Seabra (Portugal)

Online Cognitive Behavioural Therapy versus Mindfulness for Transdiagnostic Depression and Anxiety: Results from a Randomised Controlled Trial at 6 Month Follow-up

Maria Sharrock (Australia)

Cognitive behavioral therapy and specific phobia: About a case

Hela Slama (Tunisia)

Cognitive-behavioral therapy in the management of trichotillomania in adolescents

Hela Slama (Tunisia)

Group Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Japanese Students Affected by the Hiroshima Heavy Rain Disaster of July 2018

Chikaze Sugiyama (Japan)

A Randomized Controlled Trial of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy vs a Mindfulness-Based Intervention to Reduce Depressive Symptoms in University Students: Targeted Group Interventions

Hikari Takashina (Japan)

Effects of Help-Seeking Intention on Depression and Subjective Adjustment: Self-esteem as a Moderator in Japanese Children

Keiko Takemori (Japan)

Relationship Between Characteristics of Fostering Behavior and Mental Health of Workers at Japanese Social Care Institutions for Children

Ayako Takii (Japan)

Art Influenced CBT for Eating Disorders – Preliminary Results

Tero Timonen (Finland)

Factors Associated with Dropout from Treatment in Greek Patients with Bulimia Nervosa and Binge Eating Disorder

Maria Tsiaka (Greece)

Cognitive Behaviour Interventions for Yazidi Woman Refugee: A Case Illustration

Panagiotis Tzourakis (Greece)

Behavioral Experiments Targeting the Perceived Pressure to Be Thin: Efficacy of Universal Eating Disorder Prevention Intervention for Japanese Female University Students

Satsuki Ueda (Japan)

Trauma TV: Media-induced Secondary Traumatization in a Sample of Turkish Adults

Deniz Uyanik (Greece)

Effectiveness of Mindfulness-Based and Cognitive-Behavioral Intervention in Improving Anger Control of Adolescents

Dovile Valiune (Lithuania)

Just the Way You Are. Understanding Emotion Regulation Strategies in Youth from Temperamental Differences

Marie-Lotte Van Beveren (Belgium)

The Use of Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral of PTSD After a Motor Vehicle Accident

Suzana Vrhovac (Slovenia)

Intranasal Oxytocin Increases State Anhedonia Following Imagery Training of Positive Social Outcomes in Persons Low on Social Affiliation Traits

Shiu Wong (Canada)

Self-stigma and Stigmatization by the Significant Others in Case of Seeking Professional Psychological Help Among University Students with Anxiety and/or Depressive Symptoms in Greece

Maria Xanthaki (Greece)